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Danbury Upholsterers

suppliers of upholstery fabrics

Danbury Upholsterers supply Upholstery and Curtain Fabrics

phone 01621 860777

Marvic Textiles velvets and chenilles
velvets and chenilles

Pierre Frey's collections are made at the company's own fabric production unit in Northern France
eco-friendly products

Sunbury Design
contract fabrics and leathers

Ian Sandesrson
silks stripes & wools

Henry Newbery Finishing
jacquard wool tarten & linen

Upholstery Pattern Books

Your choice of fabric or leather should be carefully considered, we offer expert advice on the suitability of material for your furniture. Upholstery materials are tactile, we suggest a showroom visit for consultation with an upholsterer or at least request a swatch before making your choice.

Robert Allen Fabrics
formal casual - eco-friendly

Malabar Fabrics
art deco designs

Arthur Sanderson
bold - classic florals

Northcroft Fabrics
silks damasks classic plains

Anne & Robert Swaffer
vibrant damasks & weaves

Lewis & Wood
printed linens

Linwood Fabric Co.
velvets weaves leather

Jim Dickens
rich colour chenilles damasks

Gainsbouough Silk Weaving Company Ltd
custom weaves - period fabrics

prints & weaves

Voyage Decoration
crewels - plain texture

Crowson Fabrics
horsehair fabrics